With the world facing a growing energy crisis because of limited oil reserves and carbon emissions causing global warming, China is dedicated to optimizing its energy management. The problem of energy shortage has been badly hampering the development of the country. Thus, in such age, success of the enterprise depends on effective energy utilization and management.
This application is about the tension control principle of variable frequency drive applied to the stainless steel grinding machine. Trial run shows the VFD manufactured by Gozuk can achieve as prominent performance and reliability as imported ones of its kind, but price is pretty lower.
This application is about VFD in variable pump injection machine, and also explains control system and features of the variable pump injection molding machine, and the differences from constant pump injection machine.
The plastic processing industry has gone through rapid and stable development in recent years. As the plastic enterprises increase more and more, competition goes scorching and how to reduce production cost and enhance product competitiveness tops all the plastic manufacturers' agenda.
This application about Gozuk variable frequency drive in petrochemical industry. Five units VFDs are helping secure hefty energy for Ningxia Baota Petrochemical Group after the group reconstructs the aerostatic presses and the air compressors in its first plant with the VFDs.
According to the characteristics of the blender, it is recommended to install a vector control variable frequency drive (VFD) to realize reasonable and efficient speed control, and add the bypass function, so as to realize switch between the VFD and the mains supply. In addition, the vector control VFD has multi-step speed function, which can be selected and set according to the material characteristics and chemical reaction time. Gozuk VFDs also can help realize on line control through its powerful communication function with the industrial control computer and software.
1) Realize AC motor's soft start/stop by adopting VFD control, to increase the equipment's service life and avoid impact on the power system.
2) Control the AC motor's rotation speed by the variable speed drive, remove the damper adjustment to decrease failure rate of the application, and increase electricity saving significantly.
3) The ac motor operates below rated rotation speed, to decrease impact of noises to the environment.
A problem on VFD Controller of valve Cooling Fan of 500 KV HVDC Terminal. Problem is that when station auxiliary supply goes off then all station load transfer to DG set then VFD controller perform perfectly (for a certain time its showing under voltage alarm and reset automatically after DG start) but when auxiliary supply comes back and we switch on the breaker to transfer all load to auxiliary from DG set.
Starting a single phase motors is different from a three phase motor but it is possible to have a VFD specially designed to meet the requirements of a single phase motor. But surely the motor needs to be an inverter grade, basically what it means is the insulation class of the motor to be improved.
Insulated bearings may need to be fitted to a motor (usually larger drives) to prevent bearing surface erosion caused by the capacitive effects of the rotor /stator. As the rotor is 'insulated' from earth by the resistance of the grease in the bearings, capacitance is built up in the rotor. This will try to earth through the bearings and may cause pitting of the bearing surface. Insulated bearings and a shaft brush does tend to eliminate this problem. Try manufacturers such as Gozuk as they also have products specifically designed to minimize this issue
Sine wave filter is fine if you have long motor leads or want to operate with a high carrier frequency. A high carrier frequency will cut down on motor heating but increase heat in the VFD.
I think we do a disservice to our customers sometimes when we over complicate matters. I always strive to use standard components when possible so the customer can get replacements easily, quickly and at lower cost. This is a great selling point and the customer will respect you for it.
This motor has independent cooling fan running with a separate motor that is capable of removing 5Kw heat from the motor. It will be controlled by a VFD with FOC. The motor is a good 95% efficient with cast copper rotor / not the regular cast aluminum. Can an induction motor give out full torque at 5% of its rated rpm with a VFD?? My concern is it may over heat at low frequency - not due to cooling fan because that is independent, but due to the other reasons.
If the motor is being driven by a variable speed drive with sophisticated drive algorithms, i.e. controllers that can track the load torque variations, then both the efficiency and transient stability problems can be solved together. The other significant thing is the starting problem. The transient load torque is also present at starting so the motor has to be able to accelerate through the load transients and be capable of starting when the compressor is sitting at the highest load.
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