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Variable frequency drive Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is all great for the variable frequency drive, cleaning with dry air, checking connections and tightening with correct torque wench/driver, replacing fan and having spare. To avoid fault during operation it is always better to perform preventive maintenance of variable frequency drive as per manufacturer recommendations.  Certainly dust, moisture and loose connections are main causes of fault. Only rotating part is fan so should be check noise of fan. Clean and dry air is required to clean the variable frequency drive.  Connections should be tighten with recommended torque with torque wrench.

Replacing capacitor due to age should be done only in a repair shop that can load test the VFD drive after replacement. Remember for most spare drives have been on the shelf for over a year you need to reform the capacitors as part of the yearly maintenance. Also remember that if the system is not checked like the motor cable/connections, belts and couplings the variable frequency drive can still be damaged. Yearly preventive maintenance is always for the system not the VFD self in my opinion.

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