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Can I control multiple motors on one VFD?

Multiple motors operation is quite common application. There are many applications like textile, printing etc where multi motor operation is very common. I have seen many VFD manufacturers recommending multiple motor operation. Say in a textile loom, there could be scores of Motors running spinning pumps, godets, winders etc. If there are some 40 Motors of say 0.5 HP, then one can certainly go in for one single variable frequency drive of say 25 hp rating. That would be the best and most economical and practical solution.

BUT, certain conditions, considerations and safety must be met. First each motor must be individually protected, consider the load, speed, torque, etc on EACH motor. Now this is tricky if the gearboxes are used. You have to consider are they new? Are they used and if so how much "SLACK" does each have as all these things play into the "LOAD" of each individual motor amp draw! Also, I would use 2 OL on each 3 phase load on the load side. Most of the time the cost of the motor is miniscual compared to the VFD. So protect it at all cost. Here's a novel idea, "Ask the Manufacturer"! Not being a smarty pants, just want my fellow peer to do as good a job as he or she can and sometimes that means reading the instructions. Hope all this helps and if you will let me know the layout and how it works out for you!

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