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VFD with single phase input/output for 1 phase motor

Starting a single phase motors is different from a three phase motor but it is possible to have a VFD specially designed to meet the requirements of a single phase motor. But surely the motor needs to be an inverter grade, basically what it means is the insulation class of the motor to be improved. Can be cumbersome job to re-wind the single phase motors to meet the inverter grade (Class F / H) , but still i am wondering if there would there is a way to control the voltage spike at the inverter output like adding a first order or a second order filter to improve the voltage THD and remove the high frequency high voltage spike, then we can use a normal class B insulated motor with inverter.

Is there a reason you can't change the motor to a 3 phase motor? That would make everything much easier. 3 phase motors are cheaper than single phase motors and are more reliable and have better starting torque and are smaller and they are readily available with inverter duty insulation.

Single phase motors aren't ideal for inverter applications, the motor may not be rated for inverter use, and if they have switches or whatever inside for starting that can cause problems. However, you can run single phase motors on variable frequency drives with the right drive characteristic, particularly on a fan application. I tried this myself with a conventional three phase drive. The application was a chicken farm with lots of installed motors and fans.

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