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VFD in Blast Blower

With the world facing a growing energy crisis because of limited oil reserves and carbon emissions causing global warming, China is dedicated to optimizing its energy management. The problem of energy shortage has been badly hampering the development of the country. Thus, in such age, success of the enterprise depends on effective energy utilization and management.

Introducing a Chinese largest sugar maker which established in Aug. 2003, in order to maintain self-operation, the sugar maker also runs a power plant with an annual capacity of 50 million kWh. In this power plant, there is a 500KW blast blower. The current start mode of the air blower is soft start, with the starting current up to 2000A- twice as big as the rated current. The current is around 910A during normal operation. During the summer energy consumption peak, it is hard to start the variable frequency drive which accordingly increases the failure rate of the blast blower. Besides, it is not convenient and accurate to control the wind volume by the valve. Thus, in order to exert the blast blower’s maximum capacity and meet the requirements of environmental protection, the sugar manufacturer is determined to reform its operation level. It decides to purchase a VFD from Shenzhen Gozuk after comparison and investigation.

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