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low voltage vfdThis low voltage (single phase 220V, three phase 380V) variable frequency drive manufactured by Gozuk has compact design and integrated advanced technology for new features, like tracking the motor speed in real time, automatic running in instantaneous power off, it's a very useful function in unstable power supply environment. Dynamic current control and output high torque under very low frequency.
vector VFDSpecial magnetic flux vector control VFDs
Power range: single phase 1.5kW to 2.2kW, 3 phase 0.75kW to 400kW
Integrated RS485, Modbus-RTU communication protocol
32 bit high speed CPU special for ac motor controlling
Built-in braking unit in the VFDs with 15kW power or lower
VFD Power Capacity: 3HP (2.2kW)
Input: single phase 220V, 230V, 240V 60Hz/50Hz
Output voltage: three phase 0 - input value
Output frequency: 0 - 400Hz
Rated current: 10 amps
Control mode: V/F control
Overload capacity: 150% rated current for 1m
Communication: RS485 (optional)
single phase vfdVFD Power: 0.4kW (1/2HP)
Input: single phase 220V, 230V, 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Output: 0 - rated input voltage, three phase
Rated Current: 3A
Protective Grade: IP20
Weight: 1.5kg
Size: 141.5 x 85 x 126mm
mini VFDOutput frequency range 0.1~400Hz.
VFD frequency setting revolution rate up to 0.1Hz.
Output frequency revolution rate upto 0.1Hz.
PWM frequency carrier could be adjusted from 2~12kHz.
Auto torque increasing and auto slip compensation.
When the variable frequency drive starts torque reaches 5Hz, the torque could be 150% of rated torque.
1HP VFDVFD Capacity: 1HP (0.75kW)
Rated current: 4.7 amps
VFD size: 141.5 x 85 x 126 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
VFD Control mode: V/F control
Communication: standard Modbus, RS485/232 (optional)
Manufacturer: Gozuk
Made in China
Constant torque VFDNo PG vector control, V/F control.
Rotation parameters auto learning, static parameters auto learning functions.
Slip compensation, improve controlling precision.
Wave carrier frequency 0.5~15.0 kHz, output frequency 0.01~600Hz.
0.5Hz 150% high start torque, installed auto torque improving function interiorly.
vfd manufacturerWe have been working and testing our Optimizer product in drive manufacturer locations to verify the harmonic filtering effectiveness. Our variable frequency drive effectively does what we publish in our literature. We can produce our VFD for different voltages or tune it to a specific manufacturers requirement also widen or narrow the voltage requirements.
VFD overviewV/F control and no-speed vector control.
Start torque could be 150% when it is 2Hz.
Main frequency superposes with auxiliary frequency.
AVI/ACI setting, RS485 communication, impulse input frequency control (selective).
Interior installed PLC could run under 16 sections of programs.
3 sections of forbidden frequency could prevent resonance.
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