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We have been working and testing our Optimizer product in drive manufacturer locations to verify the harmonic filtering effectiveness. Our variable frequency drive effectively does what we publish in our literature. We can produce our VFD for different voltages or tune it to a specific manufacturers requirement also widen or narrow the voltage requirements.VFD manufacturer The optimizer is a point of use product but if we know the duty cycle of an MCC we can produce our product to be effective on multiple VFDs as long as the total load is above 50% capacity of the Optimizer. Our technology is patented and is a very cost effective alternative to active filters. We are not others. Gozuk has ethical practices and have a team of engineers who are experts the area of harmonics and power quality.

VFD Features:
  1. Motor speed monitor function allows smooth start for various loads such as centrifuges and dewatering machines anytime.
  2. High-performance optimized voltage space vector V/F algorithm and high efficiency VFD, low noise and low electromagnetic interference.
  3. Built-in software special for constant pressure water supply system enables one VFD to control two pumps simultaneously without adding extra expansion unit.
  4. 15kW and below VFDs are equipped with build-in braking unit.
  5. Real time clock timing control (easily set the variable frequency drive running time)
  6. High-performance bipolar PID with correction function is convenient for closed-loop control.
  7. English LED control panel with friendly human-computer interface (Chinese LED control panel available as well)

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