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1HP VFD, single phase input / three phase output

1HP Variable frequency drive
VFD Capacity: 1HP (0.75kW)
Input: single phase 200 - 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Output voltage: three phase 0 - input voltage
Output frequency: 0 - 400Hz
Rated current: 4.7 amps

VFD size: 141.5 x 85 x 126 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg

VFD Control mode: V/F control
Overload capacity: 150% for 1m, 200% for 0.5s
Communication: standard Modbus, RS485/232 (optional)

Manufacturer: Gozuk
Made in China

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Tips: Is it good to connect motor to grid directly?
A PM motor is a synchronous motor with permanent excitation. Wound field synchronous (WFS) motors can be directly connected to the grid; however, when they are the motor design includes damper bars to provide torque if the motor starts to misalign from the grid. In addition, when WFS motors are grid connected, they start without field current as induction motors, again using the damper windings on the rotor. Once they get up to speed, the rotor field is excited (turned on), and they lock in to the grid frequency. This starting behavior is impossible with permanent excitation.

Another way to bring a WFS machine up to speed is with a variable frequency drive (VFD), and then synchronizes it with the line. Then the VFD can be disconnected, and the machine runs across the line. This is also possible with PM machines, but again, some damper function is needed so it will remain in sync. with the line through torque and frequency disturbances. In this way a single VFD can start a number of motors and contractors can be used to connect them to the grid, one at a time.

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