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Variable frequency drive overview

The variable frequency drive adopts current vector arithmetic, precise control. Offer customers added value application functions and supply the specific solution projects for them individually.variable frequency drive overview

VFD features:
  1. V/F control and no-speed vector control.
  2. Start torque could be 150% when it is 2Hz.
  3. Main frequency superposes with auxiliary frequency.
  4. AVI/ACI setting, RS485 communication, impulse input frequency control (selective).
  5. Interior installed PLC could run under 16 sections of programs.
  6. 3 sections of forbidden frequency could prevent resonance.
  7. The manipulator could be expanded.
  8. Wobble frequency function.
  9. The VFD has PID feedback control.
  10. Braking is controlled by software, available to adjust braking limitation and braking use rates.
  11. Hardware links with software filter, which produces better anti-interference effects.
  12. Overvoltage, overcurrent, low voltage, overload limitation, overload and overheat protection functions, etc.

VFD Applications

VFD for stone edge cutting machine
Installed position control arithmetic interiorly, available to be connected with encoder and precisely control the incision of knife.
Feedback the inverter and control the position of knife through limitation switch.
Installed incision control arithmetic interiorly, precisely controls the direction of panel boat.
Improve the speed of stone cutting.
Improve the techniques of stone cutting and enhance the quality of products.

VFD for blocker
Special AVI+ACI frequency superposing function.
The frequency mode could be switched through external terminals.
AVI, ACI input up and down frequency setting.

VFD for central air conditioner
Equipped with conditioning control, available to select conditioner working mode and set temperature, wind volume, display air supply outlet and air inlet temperature.
PID control type could be selected; set PID control methods: 1, set PID control method, 2, general PID control and switching volume control.
Detect the temperature of air supply outlet and air inlet simultaneously, make calculation process, and control water pump supply.
Available to control the upper and lower limitation of temperature and prevent overheat and overcool of temperature.
Alternative the temperature controller, reduce the cost of equipment and improve the comfort index of human body.

VFD for handrail
Set the target length of yarn.
Set the yarn speed.
Yarn speed arrival clearance selection.
Verification time of breaking yarn detection.

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