Most drives in the market adapt well to these queries, but there are a few that can be easily integrated with the application at hand, or that provide feature X or Y that put them above the others... Gotta research carefully as some VFD brands will overprice their system precisely for that reason "selling the brand rather than the product" while other brands can do the same task.
Many VFD brands can provide VFD solution to meet your requirements on the reliability, performance and services. However, it's very much depend on your application, where/who & how you are! From a consultant point of view, to provide suitable VFD solutions, I need to consider at least the following information from customer:
"What does the customer already have on site? What are they comfortable with, and does that manufacturer have a product that matches this application? (Or are they using junk?)" As others have noted, there's been a lot of "Brand 'A' is the best!" comments, but realistically there are probably 6-10 manufacturers of VFDs that make very good, very reliable products suitable for 90+% of the applications out there.
Know the application is the most important to evaluate what VFD must be applied. Today, VFD became like a commodity product, so, is important evaluate the money vs. time that is a concept above ROI, in each application.
Basically, it depends on brand and power and how old has the VFD due to the component type, meaning for example that due to the fact that now cabinet drive are very compact the component warm is higher than for a drive of 15 years before.
To improve the (overall) efficiency of any electro-mechanical system - including HVAC - all parts of the process need to be optimized. Since the largest chunk of TOTAL efficiency is in the hands of the mechanical process, a relatively small change there will have a much more noticeable effect on the overall picture.
I agree that the important is the motor model accuracy. And in this case win who get the better estimation block, I mean, the most sophisticated estimator. In all method of Field Orientation the knowledge of the flux is the most important point to performance in high control of torque, and consequently precision control in speed and position too.
I am a hearty endorser of ABB, I love their DC drives and really love the ACS800 DTC drive, but I almost never use them. Why? They are incredibly unfriendly to maintenance personnel, and their troubleshooting and commissioning software is "unfriendly" to say the least. They do feature "save to operator" functionality, which is nice for replacement I suppose, but I've never had to replace an ACS800.
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