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Choose wisely while buying a VFD?

"When considering manufacturers of variable frequency drives, purchase from a local authorized service provider for that manufacturer and stay away from anyone who doesn't have a certified drive specialist on staff." is tremendously valuable counsel. The VFD's cost can be dwarfed by the resultant additional costs and lost production involved in an inadequate review of the installation site, available power supply, power distribution, ground scheme, motor, and Application. Imbalanced or undersized power supplies, inadequate or improper power wiring and grounding, the wrong motor type, and control complexities can ruin your installation, start-up and production experience. Not to mention the reflection on the brand you've chosen even when the VFD really is not at fault. Choose wisely those with whom you share your VFD's experience, including brand, sales and support/service team.

Know the application is the most important to evaluate what VFD must be applied. Today, VFD became like a commodity product, so, is important evaluate the money vs. time that is a concept above ROI, in each application. I can affirm that 90% of application is just general applications, when a normal VFD can run satisfactory if the person that will be set the parameters, make a program, etc, know the application and know about the VFD. The other 10%' is another history. Sometimes you will need a better technology, for example, a Matrix VFD, but is need a good evaluation of application in all time.

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