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I am a hearty endorser of ABB, I love their DC drives and really love the ACS800 DTC drive, but I almost never use them. Why? They are incredibly unfriendly to maintenance personnel, and their troubleshooting and commissioning software is "unfriendly" to say the least. They do feature "save to operator" functionality, which is nice for replacement I suppose, but I've never had to replace an ACS800.

Yaskawa defeats all challengers when it comes to software, in addition to making excellent drives.
I can't echo enough other people's comments on the motor being the problem. Countless times I've seen a drive that works flawlessly in one installation problematic in another similar app because someone mated a BMW drive with a Yugo motor.
If I had to rate my current preferences for drives with some kind of back emf function, they'd probably be Yaskawa A1000, Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755, ABB ACS800- in that order. Siemens, Emerson, Mitsubishi, etc. also make good products, some others don't.

I personally have had poor luck with Baldor drives, it will be interesting to monitor their portfolio with their purchase by ABB. I'm a fan of Baldor's "Reliance Electric" branded motors, but I'm going to have a heart attack seeing a nameplate that says "ABB/Baldor/Reliance Electric." It's like buying a "GMC/Ford/Dodge" truck, just seems odd...

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