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VFD operation requirements

Most of the requirements for VFD operation, some I have run across as well include:
  • Whether the VFD requires having regenerative capabilities or not
  • Harmonics: What are the harmonic levels expected/needed?
  • Incoming power: What do you have on site to work with to achieve the desired operability and harmonic levels?
  • Number and type of units in the power network: To determine susceptibility of the VFD to the power grid "nuisances"
  • control capabilities: In the end it comes to what device you are working on controller. For instance, in my area of expertise (oil & gas) it is not just a question of VFD features, but programming capabilities to adapt the VFD for my needs
  • Communications / Integration capability: To what devices will the VFD connect to? Do you need master/slave comms capability?
  • Speed range you expect to operate on
  • Operation conditions (expected usual overloads or underloads? sudden over-torqueing conditions required inrush for a defined period of time? ambient operation conditions?)
Most drives in the market adapt well to these queries, but there are a few that can be easily integrated with the application at hand, or that provide feature X or Y that put them above the others... Gotta research carefully as some VFD brands will overprice their system precisely for that reason "selling the brand rather than the product" while other brands can do the same task.

Most important factor for me (aside from technical compatibility) to select VFD is the support. It doesn't matter how good the variable frequency drive is if you don't have a near-by or local support group to assist whenever you have issues...

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