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Could we change Slip-ring Motor to Induction Motor?

An induction motor (sq - cage) driven by VVVF/ VFD system is ideal replacement for slip-ring induction motor. However, the torque requirement / duty cycle of the crusher motor at various stages is important and the VVVF /VFD drive should be able to control the torque / duty cycle exactly through precise programming. Other method may be to retain slip-ring motor and control the slip ring current by employing thyristor (DC) convertor.

Very probably You can't just exchange the crusher motors to induction machines. You need to update the control and power supply systems as well. Also, it will be expensive and time consuming. Consider the production schedules of cement factory in summer time can be tight. I'd propose now to start with measurements of actual motor loads. The next should be modernization project. After this when production is low, maybe on winter, exchange the motors and make tests to ensure the system is working properly.

So have done this to motors is low torque applications (water pumps) and applied a VFD (variable frequency drive) to run the motor. But if you are looking at replacing the motor, the motor suppliers would be able to size you a motor with the required torque and you could start it with a Solid State Starter or VFD.

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