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Direct drive PM motor system

To produce fine powder for heat treatment to form the cement. The motor are usually connected to a high torque gear box slow speed, high torque application.

Given the new to be introduced IE 2 motor energy efficacy EU regulations (July 11 2011) and carbon foot print reduction targets, I would recommend you use the new direct drive High torque permanent magnet motors like the HTQ range we supply from Magnetic Italy.
These have efficacies approaching 98% conversion, need no gear box and designed to work in a stall condition, so no damage to the motor/gear box if a jam occurs. You can still control the speed as well.

Using this direct drive motor will give a significant financial saving in electrical energy, with a pay back period under 12 Months, reduced maintenance as no power train required in most applications. The company can also claim carbon credits to offset the heating carbon debits incurred in the drying stage. I also think there are EU grants for this type of conversion. If you are not in the EU, the financial savings due to the high efficacy still justify the conversion.

I have done an oil well project by replacing the gear, belt and induction motor with 98% efficient PM motor. The energy saving per well is more than I hope for. Each oil well drop from using 34Kw to 24Kw -- and the well run 8000 hours per year. If you can afford it, use a direct drive PM motor.

Just to give a reference point, today a 98% efficiency 75Kw, 1350NM @ 500 RPM permanent magnet motor that I used in the oil well project is selling for US$12,000; and you need to add the variable frequency drive. So the solution is not cheap.

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