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Almost everything today including inexpensive VFDs power monitors etc. comes with standard, or optional, Ethernet and/or MODBUS. Getting "engineers" to specify the design requirements is a different story especially in the commercial BMS industry.

For smaller or older PLCs that may not be equipped with Ethernet, or optionally available, the suggestions above were to access the program and control remotely through other remote option access using the same port it was programmed with locally.

Most building management systems are nothing more than overpriced setback thermostats for the HVAC systems resulting in people having to drive to a job. Newer units today are USB flash drive text or .csv files that can be downloaded and emailed. Older units require Windows-based download manager software or terminal software to access.

Most people will not pay to add Ethernet (hard wired or wireless bridge) or even a phone line and modem to their equipment, but they will pay through the nose for a tech to get on an airplane and come out to troubleshoot a problem face to face.

If someone does not want the expense of a dedicated phone line, they can share a piece of equipment with an existing FAX line. Set the modem to respond to more rings than the FAX. If there is a problem, turn off the FAX machine and the modem will respond or you can add a DPDT switch to the modem line.

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