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Can I change single phase 230V to 3 phase 415V by VFD?

I want to drive a 3 phase motor from a single phase supply. I came to know that standard variable frequency drives available in the market are very costly & have number of features that i don't want. i am trying to design a rectifier & inverter which will give me desired 3 phase supply. My motor full load current is 8A.Which devices i should use??(IGBT or MOSFET or any other)& what should be the rating? Which type of rectifier should I select?? Most important its a constant speed application.

Almost ever major manufacturer has this product available for less than anyone could design and build a one-off. As long as you do not overload the unit you select the frequency fed to the motor will hold better accuracy than the utility line and you get the advantage of soft-starting the motor with the ramped acceleration.

We do use vfd to go 1ph to 3 ph all the time; if 230v 1ph avail, a xfmr is used on it 1ph to make it 380 then use a 380v 1ph in to 380v 3ph out vfd FOR MOTORS. No, if you try to use a cheap variable frequency drive to make 3ph and power stuff OTHER than motors, it will not work since the cheap vfd makes no voltage sine wave. There are companies who make 1ph to 3 ph filtered converters but they are a lot more expensive than cheap $ 200 vfd.

Some variable frequency drives have sine wave filters to decrease the number of spikes and rising time, their wave shape after this filters is very close to a sine wave filter, this was used once in a Mining case, the reflection was caused by reflections of many different cables along the line, I wonder if those filtered signals are ok for other loads, theoretically they should, but I have never seen it really working.

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