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VFD acceleration time

The acceleration time is the time set the VFD to go from 0 to the maximum speed set. You will need to look in the torque curve of the load and motor to set these parameters. This in order to prevent overcurrents in the variable frequency drive and maintain a soft start. On the other hand, you must consider the dynamic response of the load, considering the inertia to prevent overcurrent to increase or decrease the speed during operation (this is done during commissioning).

The acceleration time should be enough time for the motor and connected load to achieve set operating speed without causing the motor or connected load any additional wear and tear. This is the soft-starting ability of the VFD.

The base frequency in the lowest operating speed you can select for the motor. The lowest point is based on the motors continuous operating speed range and load type. Many motors employ a fixed shaft mounted fan which means they can only cool the motor at maximum speed efficiently. Anything less than that speed is determined by the motor manufacturer. The influence of motor load types which could be Variable torque, Constant Torque or Constant HP will affect the lowest operating frequency. Contact your motor supplier to find out what the speed range normally expressed in a ratio of base speed (2:1, 6:1, 10:1...)

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