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VFD in Textile Machines

With the continuous improvement of the technical level of textile machinery mechatronics, AC variable speed has become a trend. Almost without exception applied in most of the new development of textile machinery products in the AC induction motor frequency control devices.

Textile mills can not do without air-conditioning equipment. When the air-conditioned motor with variable frequency drive control, reduced power consumption, saves electricity expenditures. According to the data provided by a company, the full year to 12 air-conditioned saving more than 24 million air conditioning electricity unit consumption has dropped by an average of 6,7 percentage points.

PLC programmable controller or PC control via variable frequency drive to achieve multi-motor synchronized operation. Production curve control the movement of the agencies, thereby simplifying the institutions. AC variable speed such as roving machine, remove the cone wheel speed change mechanism, thus overcoming the bevel wheel variable speed belt slipping speed allowed.

For the spinning frame, peach bottom caused by the use of the variable frequency drive removed the forming mechanism of forming cam pauses, a peach top of the impact of the phenomenon. Good shape of the yarn. In order to under a process of high-speed unwinding. While taking advantage the VVVF control the main motor thirty-nine speed to control the number of revolutions of the spindle, spun medium and small yarn speed changes to reduce yarn breakage rate.

Variable frequency technology
AC motor VFD control textile machinery is mainly divided into two categories. A class is used Y Series AC induction motor. This motor is mainly used in the governor less precision, the little speed range of textile machine. Another dedicated AC variable speed induction motor. Mainly used for the governor high precision, wide speed range machine.

VFD different forms
1) VFD with open-loop control induction motor drive called the V / F form. In this way the circuit is simple and reliable. Speed range of 10:1 within the scope, speed accuracy is lower by 2% to 5%, and the low-speed performance is not satisfactory. Therefore used for knitting machines, or less demanding textile machinery,.
2) Gozuk EDS2000 sensorless vector VFDs have excellent low-speed characteristics. The circuit structure is simple and high reliability. It has a good acceleration and deceleration characteristics, torque characteristics, and current limiting characteristics. Speed accuracy of up to 0.5% to 1.0%. Speed range 20:1 range. More suited to the governor of the printing and dyeing machinery.

On some of the equipment, all electrical components of the VFD and the control panel with the mechanical part of the winding head together as a whole, is to reduce the volume, enhanced reliability.

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