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Can a VFD work with no input phase loss detection

If you have a VFD (variable frequency drive) with no input phase loss detection, it allows you to use the VFD as a phase converter because it will just rectify the line to DC, then recreates the pseudo AC on the output as 3 phase. When you do this, the VFD needs additional capacitance to smooth the extra ripple from not having a 3 phase rectifier bridge, use the bridge diodes must be sized to handle all of the power at the single phase current, 1.732 times more. So a safe way to accomplish this is to double the size of the VFD with respect to the motor size. Then if you have 3 phase, no problem of course but if you lose one phase, still no problem. The motor would never know.

More exactly, take care about logical with such monitor signal output; must don't cut VFD output (lift may be in use and can generate panic). Each VFD have a 3-phase rectifier input; I think it's a not a problem for VFD to work few (tens) seconds to close actual service (if it is and also load dependent).

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