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Pump Smart Variable Frequency Drive

All variable frequency drives, who is in market definitely working with pump application. Normally in pump application didn't have any rocket science. Almost all VFDs can do quadratic V/f curve which fits perfectly a centrifugal pump torque-speed characteristic. Apart from that, there are already many explanations about multi-pump staging heretofore mentioned.

Sometimes the "smartness" can be a neat trick. Some VFD drives have "clear-the-way" feature. Especially dirty water pumps with high head output, once stationary, can be blocked by the down-falling dirt. Then it's not possible to start the pump. The trick is to run the pump backwards just for several seconds (to clear the way) and then, of course, switch to normal forward run.

The PumpSmart VFD is sold by Goulds Pumps and their distributors. It is based on the ABB ACS800 series drive but with Pump Specific software developed by Goulds and ABB. It may seem a little pricey at first look but, in my opinion, does the very best job of monitoring the pump and motor conditions to provide protection to the pump and seals in upset conditions like blocked fluid input, blocked fluid output, cavitation, etc. It also does multi-pump / multi-VFD extremely well. Also, in my opinion, the Delta drive does a very good job as well, and usually at a lower cost. If you want the best, go with Pump Smart. If your budget can't handle it, go with Delta. If you are not doing multi-pump / multi-drive applications, Gozuk drive also does an excellent job.

There are several VFD manufacturers who have designed very specific features into their products that cater for the needs of Centrifugal Pumps. I will refrain from the temptation to push a specific product, but I know for an absolute fact that there are products in the market that not only equal the abilities of the Danfoss VLT Drive, but in some areas, far exceed it. I'm afraid that this thread has taken a turn where people are pushing either their company's product or one that they represent. I realize that it's a temptation to do so.

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