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Delta VFDs have been established well-known brand in the industrial automation market. A variety VFDs are design differences according to different torque, loss, overload, over-speed etc. and make adjustment based on different mechanical; Provide customers with the most diverse selection, and is widely used in industrial automation control applications.

Delta VFD-VE Drives
Delta launched VFD-VE series AC motor drive in March, 2007. VFD-VE series is the general purpose AC motor drive well-designed for the high-end equipment in the automation industry, particularly suitable for applying in elevators, hoists, all kinds of CNC equipment, plastic production lines and printing equipment.

VFD-VE series have various control modes for different demands, e.g. V/f, V/f PG, SVC (sensorless vector control), FOC PG (field oriented control) and torque control. In addition, with a PG card, VFD-VE is able to perform zero servo and multiple-point positioning. The double rated CT (constant torque)/VT (variable torque) mode can automatically upgrade the power range on the application of variable torque, e.g. blower, water pump, centrifuge and fan, saving not only your cost but also the energy.

In terms of performance, VFD-VE is very accurate in control, e.g. V/f control 1: 10, SVC control 1: 100, FOC PG control 1:1,000 and the speed accuracy can reach +0.02%. At zero servo, VFD-VE is able to output 150% holding torque. Even under SVC control and with an output frequency of 0.5Hz, VFD-VE is able to produce 150% output torque. With these features, VFD-VE will be able to satisfy all kinds of your application demands.

VFD-VE series AC motor drives are certificated by UL and CE. The power consumption 230V from 1HP ~ 50HP, 460V from 1HP ~ 100HP. The models below 10HP are built-in with a braking chopper; the models above 15HP are built-in with DC reactor, digital keypad and Modbus communication interface. The Windows PC software offers many functions including easy reading and writing of all parameters, a monitor window to view all real time measurements such as Output current, Output Frequency, Output voltage, etc., Scope function allowing users to capture peak loads and store the data for further analysis and drive tuning.

The launch of VFD-VE series is in response to the changed applications in the high-end market. Delta will continue to pursue high quality and cost effectiveness, offering wider automation applications for the industry.

Delta VFD-EL Drives
VFD-EL is the multi-functional and micro AC motor drive for the new generation, featuring: power range of up to 5HP (wider than the current VFD-S), adopting the minimal design style applied to industrial design in Europe with solemn color and appearance. VFD-EL was just awarded “Good Design Certificate” by Industrial Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan. The highly efficient heat dissipation design allows the drive to be installed in parallel to save space in the power panel. The easy-to-maintain and removable cooling fans are handy for installation and allow longer life span of the drive. In terms of communication, VFD-EL adopts international Modbus communication protocol, offering all kinds of communication modules. The built-in EMI filter is specially designed for the European market to efficiently reduce the electromagnetic interferences and complies with EN61800-3 (IEC) standard. In brief, VFD-EL’s compact dimension saves space, and the DIN rail adaptor on the back panel makes it easy to be installed onto the rail without having to drill. The common DC bus enhances the braking capability and stabilizes the voltage. Highly accurate and fast current detection is able to achieve a complete protection, together with the PID intelligent control.

Delta VFD-VL Drives
VFD-VL is the AC motor drive exclusively designed for elevators with the power range of 5.5 ~ 22kW and two control modes: induction motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). The slim-type modulized design makes it handy for the installation and maintenance in the elevator machine room and echoes the machine-room-less trend in the elevator market. Moreover, VFD-VL also features: built-in FOC, i.e. when the PMSM is enabled, it will automatically detect the position of magnetic pole and enable self-learning function. Other features include auto-correcting the starting torque and manual auto-tuning. VFD-VL is built-in with braking unit, elevator machine braking output contacts and elevator start/stop procedures and supports emergent DC48/96V power supply.

The VFD-VL series is designed for the elevator in the modern building. The built-in induction motor and synchronous motor denotes that VFD-VL satisfies not only the tradition induction motor control in the control room, but also the elevator application of synchronous motor without a control room.

Here are the features of VFD-VL:
  • The vector control by FOC, enabling smooth and comfortable operation of the elevator.
  • S-curve acceleration/deceleration and battery for abnormal power shut-down.
  • Built-in with ABZ encoder (PG) interface and supports encoders of sine wave output, allowing the elevator to function in FOC + PG mode.
  • The password function protects the parameters of the elevator, preventing the set parameters from being modified or copied.
  • Complied with EN954-1 (safety-relay) standard.
  • The slim hanging-type design fits the installation without a control room.
  • The built-in brake module saves you installation space and cost.
  • Built-in with Modbus/CAN bus communication interface.
  • With optional LCD digital operator and PC tuning software.
  • Output frequency: 0.00 ~ 120.00Hz, offering output torque of more than 150% when at zero speed.
Delta's VFD-VL series AC motor drive designed for elevators are based on years' of experiences in designing AC motor drives, and the latest control technology adopted in VFD-VL will offer you high reliability and safety. All the features of VFD-VL are to meet the needs from the market, e.g. controlling the brake for motors, backup electricity, built-in brake loop, auto-tuning of motor parameters, numerous encoder interfaces, bountiful communication functions and self protection, etc. Delta's VFD-VL series motor drive will undoubtedly be the motor designed exclusively for elevators with the best speed control and comfortability which complied with all kinds of standards.

Delta ASDA-A2 Drives
  • High-resolution encoder: The 20-bit incremental encoder is the most suitable for machinery requiring precise positioning. Besides, ASDA-A2 supports absolute encoders, satisfying all kinds of applications in position control.
  • Network-type control structure: Apart from the standard Modbus communication, ASDA-A2 also supports CANopen (1M bps) and FlexRay (10M bps), which are the requirements for high-speed network in the global industrial control industry. The hardware interface, RJ45 ports, is able to achieve multi-axis parallel high-speed control.
  • Slim appearance: The overall width of ASDA-A2 is 40% thinner than ASDA-A, supporting parallel installation of many ASDA-A2s, which saves you a lot of space.
  • Strong internal position modes: ASDA-A2 is designed with enhanced standard internal position mode in ASDA-A, offering a “position control editor”. The original 8 points of internal position registers have increased to 64 points, and digital input increased to 14 points. The position control is upgraded from the simple point-to-point motion to speed variation between two points and even jumping of different points. All these functions have responded to our client’s every request for a servo drive.
  • Electronic cam editor: ASDA-A2 offers electronic cam path planning. In the software, the path editor allows the user to plan their own paths. In parameters, ASDA-A2 provides drive axis functions, which also satisfies all kinds of application demands from our clients.
  • ASDA-Soft monitoring software: 4 channels of oscilloscope offer 16-bit data through USB1.1 hardware port to achieve real-time monitoring. In the parameter editor, the data have been raised to 32 bits for offering more functions.

In general, Delta’s AC servo drives and motors can be applied in machine tools (e.g. double column type machining center, bar feeder, injection molding machine), machinery equipment (e.g. packaging machine, accuracy detection, textile machine), metal processing (e.g. tube bending machine, laser welding, bending machine, feeding machine) and precision manufacturing (e.g. semiconductor processing machine, precision drilling/molding, TFT panel cutting).

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