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New AC Servo Drive - ASDA-A2 (Delta)

Delta Electronics revealed its new AC servo drive - ASDA-A2 series, which passed "Good Design" evaluation in April. We are glad to introduce you here about this brand new product.

Design Concept of ASDA-A2
The main design concepts of Delta Electronics' ASDA-A2 are listed below:

1) Satisfying the application demands of the clients from the industry
  • ASDA-A2 series adopts slim appearance which makes the overall width be 40% thinner than ASDA-A series, allowing the users to install it in the limited space and supporting parallel installation of many ASDA-A2 series, which saves a lot of space.
  • Quick connectors provided by ASDA-A2 series let the users conduct wiring more quickly and easily.
  • Removable fan design allows the users to perform maintenance and replacement more conveniently and efficiently.
  • The plastic case adopts VALOX of 94V-0 flame retardant material, which is not only durable but also fireproof.
  • The power range of ECMA series servo motor is from 200W and 3kW, offering a complete selection for various applications.
  • ECMA series servo motor adopts the electrical commutation motor, which can reduce the interference and noise, and what is more, it does not need to replace carbon brushes. The life of servo motor could be extended.
  • The design of low cogging torque and low vibration are suitable for the installation of all kinds of equipment.
  • Its high efficiency is greater than the traditional motor and could provide better shaft control (the general average of motor efficiency is 86.5%).
  • Certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories in the U.S.) and cUL (equivalent to CSA in Canada); completed CE Marking for the European market under the advise of TUV Rheinland Taiwan Ltd; complying with LVD (Low Voltage Directive) and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility).
  • ASDA-A2 series was authorized as a new leading product in “New Leading Product Development Project” by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan in August 2007.
  • United States Patent & Trademark Office announced in September 2007 that the control module and power module in the "three-in-one AC servo drive" (includes ASDA-A2 series) were officially granted U.S. Patent No. 7,268,515.

2) Delicate fashion industrial design
  • Smooth arc shape forms a delicate fashion appearance, along with small simple LED display lights makes this product different from other HMI products' stiff bland appearances.
  • Elegant dark gray is the color used for machine case instead of dark or light colors as usual for not getting dirty easily. This color highlights the usefulness and durability features of the product. In addition to the special color use, the delicate carved pattern on the case also helps the product to fit in harsh industrial environments.
  • Soft round buttons simply separated into groups of different functions enhance users' perception and vision when operating while prolonging buttons' durability.
  • Simple and intuitive human terminal panel improve user-machine interaction.

Product Features: Satisfying all kinds of demands of the clients from the industry

The AC Servo Drive and Servo Motor are the motion devices which are widely used on industrial machine tools, and Delta Electronics' new ASDA-A2 series satisfies all kinds of application demands from high precise positioning equipment, such as CNC machine tool and equipment for the semiconductor industry. In addition, Delta Electronics ASDA-A2 not only features high precise tracking function but also provides CANopen interface for high-speed network communication, and can be applied on the applications of multi-axis control machine tools (e.g. textile machine, printing machine, injection molding machine, coating machine, and packaging machine). Moreover, its slim and elegant design, and strong software control function greatly increase the efficiency of wiring and quickly achieve excellent performance. The features of new ASDA-A2 are:
  • Built-in full-closed loop control helps the users to achieve the precise position control on the motion control applications.
  • Use high-resolution encoder (20-bit incremental encoder) which is the most suitable for precision manufacturing and CNC machine tools that require precise positioning. Besides, ASDA-A2 series supports absolute encoders, and its accuracy of positioning could satisfy all kinds of applications in position control.
  • ASDA-A2 series also provides CANopen ( 1M bps) and FlexRay ( 10M bps) high-speed network communication interfaces which greatly decrease the difficulties of designing programs in the controllers and are able to achieve multi-axis parallel high-speed control.
  • Equipped with USB1.1 hardware port for PC. The users could accomplish real-time monitoring and data transmission through this USB1.1 port by using ASDA-Soft software.
  • External extension module creates a variety of functions for meeting the customization requirements.
  • Internal electronic cam editor function offers electronic cam path planning. It not only eliminates the inconvenience of editing programs in the controller but also solves the problem of controlling the speed.
  • Strong internal position modes are enhanced from the simple point-to-point motion to speed variation between two points and even jumping of different points. Besides, the advanced smoothing and positioning functions are developed for different customers' requirements of various application machine tools.

The green concept in design of ASDA-A2echoes the consideration for the environment

  • ASDA-A2 series AC servo drive is produced in Delta Electronics Taoyuan Plant which complies with ISO14001.
  • ASDA-A2 series AC servo drive complies with RoHS of the EU.
  • Its compact structure consumes the smallest quantity of PCB and is more environmental-friendly.
  • The plastic applied on the case is ABS rated flame retardant LG 94V-0 5VA. The recycle sign marked inside the case adheres to the environmental protection and recycling concepts in the world.
  • The cardboard box for packaging is in its original color, which is least harmful to the environment.

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