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Electrical engineering in education

As per my curriculum of graduation course in electrical engineering had electrical machine as an subject which was taught from 1st year to 4thyear i.e. we had semester system means two semester per year so we have to study about seven semester out of eight semester electrical machine as an subject. We in India have 4 year course for doing bachelors in engineering. And in 4 years we have 8 semesters. So I think as an electrical engineer electrical machine was included as a main subject in electrical engineering. So we had electrical machine-1(Includes DC machine theory), Electrical machine-II (Includes AC machine and transformer theory), Electrical machine-III (Includes Electromagnetic circuit calculations as per practical networks), Electrical AC drives, Electrical machine design-I and finally electrical machine design-II.

So this is the way we are covering electrical machines in whole engineering. And lab facility was good. But only my point of view is that college should teach electrical machines as per Industrial aspect means that universities should have ties with some electrical machine manufacturing companies so that student can grasp things more clearly and practically by seeing things in industries. So I think this should be included in education system. Because when student comes in field then he has to go through again to understand the theory practically. So I think electrical machine concept should be imparted as per industrial environment.

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