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Zero Ground High Frequency Extraction System

The Zero Ground High Frequency Extraction System (HFES) is the only offering that addresses all high frequency issues associated with switching power supplies. Today's Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) utilizing IGBT technology generates high frequency ground currents (HFGC). HFES is used with switching power supply / VFD applications, where damaging VFD generated HFGC are present. Damaging VFD generated currents cannot be eliminated although, they can be contained controlled and / or redirected, which is exactly what the HFES System Solution does. HFES is tested, proven and now patented. When these VFDs are conventionally grounded to physical earth, issues can and do occur. HFES is a cabling system which provides a more effective "ground" than physical earth. Issues that occur when VFDs are "conventionally" grounded include:

1) Motor bearing currents causing premature failure of both the bearings and the motor
2) Shocking, arcing or sparking at Point of Common Coupling (PCC)
3) Interference with Sensitive electrical/electronic equipment.

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