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Study your application careful before select VFD

Before you select any motor for your particular application purpose you should careful study which one is better. In one of my project that we retrofit an old CNC machine, I advise my team to remove all motors that equipped in the original machine as all of them are old and less efficiency. One of the pitfall that I overlook is EMI problem of VFD that we use for spindle. Since VFD is cheap and can use with a regular induction motor, I thought this would save my budget. When we started to test run the system we faced with a headache EMI that interfere all axes motion control devices and lead to a wrong cutting path, though we have some EMI protection such as a Ferro bit and shielding cable but the noise is in such level that those protection measure couldn't handle. So we find another way to resolve the problem. But that we pay for by a delay time and some additional hardware.

By that said, I want to focus on the point "study your application careful before select one or other hardware component".

Servo motor operation is affected by Standard VFD carrier frequency. Special Spindle drive is available from CNC drives manufacturers which does not affect servo operation.

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