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VFD in oil industry

The petrochemical industry is the basic industry of the national economy development and also the energy-hungry its main production process through various pumps, air compressors. Currently, most of the oil pump, water pump and air compressor at a constant speed motor drive state, as will account for an absolute majority of the non-governor speed motor into operation, its power consumption varies with the load size, you can save a lot of energy, will produce significant energy-saving effect. Modern power electronics technology, the development of AC variable speed AC Motor Variable Speed huge leap in the frequency range, dynamic response and accuracy requirements, and use effects. According to incomplete statistics, the medium-sized petrochemical enterprises, squirrel cage induction motor accounted for 80% of the total capacity of the entire motor to AC variable speed applications in the petrochemical industry, therefore, it provides a broad space for development.

VFD in beam pumping unit
Beam pumping unit is easy to use, reliable, economic, current oil production of major equipment. In order to reduce the load fluctuation of the pumping unit up and down stroke, generally with a balanced block. Pumping of the motor load is a periodic pulsating loads, and superimposed with the instant impact. Pumping unit motor load curve has two peaks, respectively, for the pumping unit up and down stroke of the dead. And then start pumping unit freewheel, always start from the dead, so the pumping unit motor starting torque requirements. In order to ensure a sufficiently large starting torque, the normal operation of the pumping unit motor load rate is very low, about 20%, the loading rate, but also 30%. Caused by low load rate running low power factor, low efficiency, and energy waste.

Therefore, in the design of the optional pumping unit motor, the common practice is to make it to extract greater than the actual load. It brings new problems when excess pumping unit displacement, the operation of the pumping unit will appear reactive extraction empty pumping or pump empty state, accompanied by the pump empty will generate a blowout airlock accident, while blowout, the air lock is the main reason to cause the drill string, the pump device or ground equipment damage. In addition, due to excessive uninterrupted operation, the loss of the machinery and equipment is also a corresponding rise, resulting in the traditional pumping unit cost is high, noise, low operational reliability. Effectively control the pump empty urgent research topic. The pumping unit is Oilfield energy-hungry, power consumption accounts for about 40% of the total electricity consumption of the oil field and its overall efficiency is very low, generally around 30% according to the survey, the excess pumping capacity so that the pumping unit reactive extraction time is increased, resulting in wells with high electricity costs, energy waste is very serious. Therefore, the energy-saving potential of the pumping unit is very impressive.

In recent years, the market directly saving technology for pumping units are mainly two categories: First, the development of different types of pumping unit energy-saving motors, such as ultra high slip motor, three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor, high starting torque moments double stator motor and electromagnetic motor speed. Capital investment is too large, in many oil fields with energy-saving motors replace the ordinary asynchronous motor is still unable to fully promote. Second, the use of energy-saving power distribution box, including the stator windings, Y-Δ conversion regulator, capacitor dynamic reactive power compensation and static reactive power compensation. The connection can be changed by changing the stator winding motor voltage, the motor can only be fixed voltage, energy-saving effect is not ideal. Although some devices Trial stator voltage with load changes continuously adjustable, energy-saving effect is better, but the supply current waveform distortion, harmonic pollution is a serious long-term use, should not be a large area. VVVF control, you can change the state of the pumping unit in inefficient acting for a long time, to match the actual load to make it work with the oil wells, each pumping to reduce inefficient or ineffective extraction, thereby reducing electricity costs , reduce maintenance costs and improve operating efficiency.
The Oil Production Plant with a pumping unit frequency control technology implementation of the transformation of heavy oil wells, oil well pump efficiency is significantly improved average daily increase of oil 2.1t, saving rate of 30% or more, and on the down stroke speed can be adjusted reduce labor intensity. Its economic efficiency by tracking of 15 wells, single well annual benefit calculated using the weighted average method is as follows:
(1) increase production and reduce power consumption with the increase, 50.4 million, saving 06,100 Yuan, the total, 51.01 million.
(2) investment in equipment and construction installation fees totaling 94,300 Yuan.
(3) equipment maintenance and depreciation costs 13,600 Yuan / year.
(4) taxes 8.56 million / year.
(5) profit 410,800 Yuan / year.
(6) payback time = investment / (profits + tax) = 70 days

VFD in electric submersible pump
Electric submersible pump oil production as a large displacement, high efficiency, easy management of mechanical recovery in the oil field has been widely used. However, for complex fault block oil fields, oil wells in the corresponding connectivity, submersible pump wells for liquid affect the normal production and downhole electrical submersible pump unit operational life. An oilfield plant, for example, since 1997, about 30% of the pump wells due to the lack of fluid supply often the underrun down phenomenon caused by inadequate fluid supply lying well the total lie down for 45% of the number of wells, the average 66d, the average single well of the pump inspection cycle maintenance costs increased by 13.86 million. In order to extend the pump wells pump inspection cycle to ensure the pump wells normal production, the introduction of electric submersible pump frequency conversion control technology, to control submersible motor speed by changing the frequency of the power supply, and adjust the pump displacement work characteristics and oil wells submersible pump capacity to match the pump unit to work in the best working area, to reduce mechanical and electrical failures, extend the life, increase production and energy-saving effect of pump wells.

Promote the use of electric submersible pump VFD use effect is very significant, as follows:
(1) on-site production a success rate of 100%, the measures effective rate was 100%,
(2) the pump wells average power factor rose from 0.83 to 0.94;
(3) average pump inspection period from 66d to 273d, extend 207d
(4) of reducing pump wells owe the carrier parked wells 185 wells, reducing parked wells producing 235t pump wells average production rate from 67.8% to 98.1% of the total reduction in jobs lie wells 42 wells, reducing operating accounting production 336t,
(5) the input-output ratio of 1:4.38

VFD in oil rig
The drilling process is divided into ups and downs of the derrick, drilling mud circulation drill replacement, casing, logging several major processes. Divided into drawworks, rotary table and mud pump. Winch drum, gearbox, clutch, brakes, motors and control equipment, used to the ups and downs of the derrick, lifting and lowering of the drill pipe, casing. With the increase in the depth of the well, the drill is getting longer and longer, the rapid increase in weight, increasing load of the winch. China currently has 7000m deep oil well drill nearly 600t heavy. About 9m each drilling is necessary to enhance the decentralization of the drill pipe 1, the winch operating time with increasing depth of accounting for the entire operating time increasing proportion. To reduce costs, job more time in the field or at sea as short as possible, which requires not only the winch can run at high speed, smooth starts and stops, and to ensure that no damage to the drilling equipment and improve the quality of the well, and also requires the drive device has a good dynamic characteristics . Operating inside well, the power supply can be connected to the power grid of the well area, decentralization of the drill pipe when the motor work in the power generation state energy feedback grid, energy-saving effect is remarkable.

In the rig technology updates transformation process, the adoption of the advanced VFD should be a priority, rather to promote the value of the program, which will greatly promote the technological progress of China's petroleum machinery.
In addition, the oil and gas gathering and transportation of oil and gas processing, oil, sewage treatment, water supply, drainage, oil field water injection system, Gozuk VFD has a wide range of application.

The VFD in the refining industry. The pump is the heart of the refinery, the total transport logistics in the refining process pumps about 40 times the amount of crude oil processed, the processing capacity of 2.5Mt / a refinery, the logistics of transporting up to nearly one hundred million tons annually, Therefore, the power consumption of large well be imagined. In oil refining equipment, motor is one of the most widespread application, the largest number of electrical equipment, most of its load to the pump, fixed speed pumps in the power consumption is only 30% absorbed by the process stream for useful power -40% 60% -70% of the electricity consumed in the regulating valve throttle control pressure drop and deal with the amount of yield changes and design large margin "big horse cart pump outlet valve pressure down on. Pump energy efficient fundamental problem is how to make the control scheme and the actual load match, so that in the control process to reduce resistance and improve the efficiency of the system. This frequency conversion technology to provide a broad application space. Practice has proved that the frequency control device is the technological upgrading of enterprises, the ideal energy saving equipment. There is no doubt that this governor will become the hub of the drive system in the petrochemical enterprises.

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