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IGBTs benefit versus Superjunction FETs

"One benefit of IGBTs is that they can be designed to survive a direct short-circuit across the bus, for several microseconds (Short Circuit SOA capability), versus Superjunction FETs do not have this capability. "

This is rather a natural consequence of basic device structure differences.

Bipolar-like output characteristic of IGBT is more tended to expose "current source" kind of behaviour at higher currents, thus stabilizing short-circuit current & increasing respective immunity, while for MOSFETs this transition from constant-R to constant-I mode though is also present but happens at relatively much higher currents, so a respective short-circuit overload is increased with respective result.

On the other hand, as usually MOSFETs used for the same current are more powerful in terms of junction size & Pmax, this leads to their higher avalanche withstand capability regarding IGBTs of the same current rating.
(& again this is naturally derived from basic structural differences of these devices already known for many years)

The major advantage of IGBT as compared with that of SCR,is the absence of commutation circuitry requirement.Being used in the Industrial Power Supply Unit of the order of 50 KW and above,this leads to more simplified circuitry and lesser components resulting ultimately into cost savings.

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