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Delta DOP-A80THTD1

Delta DOP-A80THTD1In response to the very positive feedback on A series 7.5" STN display with 256 colors HMI product from the market, Delta launched the new 8.0" TFT LCD display with 65536 colors HMI product, DOP-A80THTD1, with better quality LCD and more powerful functions. The launch of A series new 8.0" HMI product will be followed by the phase-out of the old 7.5" HMI product.

Besides the existing functions in DOP A series, the new DOP-A80THTD1 adopts 8.0" TFT LCD display with 65,536 colors, adds in with USB DISK for copying and saving screen data, provides password protection function, COM 3 (232/422/485) port and USB Host interface. The SMC extension port existed in the old design of A series which is no longer widely accepted in the market now has been removed. The users can enjoy various kinds of communication connections and powerful functions of the new DOP-A80THTD1, which is not only of high quality and satisfies a wide range of applications.

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